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Click on the links below to see some of our work in action - this will take you to You Tube and BBC sites as well as Imdb

We have undertaken many Jobs in Film and TV providing Spiecal Effects and props. Here are a few of the things we have undertaken:-

SAS Are You Tough Enough  all 4 series for the BBC  SAS Survival Secrets all 4 series for the BBC

SAS survival secrets video /DVD

SAS the real story for wall to wall productions

Accused (Jimmy McGovern) Frankies Story BBC1 (RSJ Films)

Wartime secrets with Harry Harris + Wartime Digs with Harry Harris

Power and Precision an Introduction to Explosives

Torchwood BBC 1 Supplying a complete Mobile Hospital and other Props

Homefront  BBC 1

Mercenaries Feature Film Billy Zane

Salvage Squad

The day science changed my life

Dominican Day WW1  (Canadian production)

Corronation Street Online Extra Gary Windase war diaries

Waiting for Dawn (WW1 short story)

Teenage Tommies BBC2

My great war BBC2 

History Bomb WW1 (in one take)

W2k (welcome to Karachi)  Bollywood 2015

Fifth Gear Behind the Scenes with the Pyrotechnics Team

Find out exactly what was involved in creating the pyrotechnic special effects for the tank dogfight shoot with Tiff and Jason.

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